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April 3, 2018 

Hi Mark! I wanted to let you know that your conservatory site is the absolute best resource for learning bebop I have ever come across. I've tried plenty, believe me. You are providing such an awesome teaching tool for such a bargain. And not just the best for guitar—I haven't heard any bebop instruction as good as yours.

I've been telling people about your site on the jazz guitar forums on Reddit. Every jazz guitarist should know about you and your instruction.

Also, I just love your records, you're a living legend man, thanks for the incredible music and tutelage.

I haven't renewed yet, I feel I need a little time to digest and apply and practice what I saw on your site. I'll be back for certain.

All of my best, and thank you

Jared S.

June 8, 2013
Hi Mark: I joined the site this week. I can't thank you enough for the material that you've put together. I've been looking for this without success. I have used many other sites including: Mike's Master Classes, Jimmy Bruno's school when it was up and running and other instructional methods. Your material is amazing because it doesn't come across as "studies" that are written for students. The single line choruses to "Lazy Bird" alone testify to the above statement. Wishing you all the best. Deb (Dublin CA)  
I am here to testify that I was able to use what I learned yesterday on a gig last night.  So much that everyone else noticed.  That's what it's all about folks!

Michael B.
Yup, great lines, great lessons. I am working on "what is this thing called love" memorizing Marks lines and applying my own after getting the feel of Marks lines.

Robert M.  (bloomschool)

Hey Mike I also had a gig yesterday and used a couple of voicings on Autumn leaves ,and the blues phrase in F ,ya this is some good @#$% cheers !

Jason W.
That's great Jason!  The fact that we see immediate, practical, and tangible results from this already, confirms to me that I'm at the right place here.  I've noticed that after lifting his lines, internalizing it and making my own, not only are my note choices improving - but more importantly, my phrasing is getting better.
Michael B.
From my own point of view, I think your site is best because of your more hands on, direct approach to jazz improvisation. I find your examples very musical and useful, and your comping lessons excellent. The format of your lessons and "just enough" content keeps me motivated and wanting to practice for specific little goals. Although I have not been very active lately, I feel I have improved a little in the few times I worked with your material.

For the record, I can compare your conservatory with ( Well Known Jazz Guitar Site )  equivalent and with ( Well Known Music School )  online where I took lessons in the past. I found their approach to be either too simplistic or too theoretical for my liking. Your approach works better for me.

Best Regards
Flo Damian -- Seattle WA
Hi Mark - I just joined last week and already have learned a lot - thanks, and at $20 a month your site is definitely a great value too.  I loved learning the alternate changes on Autumn Leaves - I have an album called "Boss Tenors" with Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons and that's how they play it - I always wondered what they were up to there, and now I know - terrific!  I'd like to request a song if I may...  I have been working on There will never be another you - It's a great one and I would really appreciate seeing you play it.  Thanks in advance for your consideration of this song. 
All the best,
I've been playing for many years but realize the more I know, the less I know. Your site is a truly unselfish expression of your willingness to give back to those who wish to learn. Your approach is refreshing -  the opportunity to sit and watch as a master explains his fingering and chord relationships is just how it would be if I were a student were sitting in your studio taking private lessons. Thanks for all your work on this series. You've done a very good thing for the rest of us.


I have been a member of the Jimmy Bruno online guitar workshop as well as 3 of the artistworks pages(Martin Taylor, Chuck Loeb, and Keith Wyatt). I can say from experience without a doubt your site is the ABSOLUTE BEST! I have every intention of reenrolling, this holiday has been quite hectic. I will reenroll before the week's end. Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher and inspiring guitar player.

Your honored student,


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